The power of play roars to life in When A Dragon Moves In

The power of play roars to life in When A Dragon Moves In

A book review of When A Dragon Moves In

Author: Jodi Moore

Illustrator: Howard McWilliam

Publisher: Flash Light Press

Summary of When A Dragon Moves In

When A Dragon Moves In by author Jodi Moore and illustrator Howard McWilliam, is a charming tale of friendship that’s filled with laughter and playful antics. The charming tale begins with a young boy and his family arriving at the beach, carrying a cooler, an umbrella, beach chairs, and towels. The boy, with his bucket and shovel, runs on ahead towards the sandy shore, with excited anticipation for what his day at the beach will bring.

While the rest of his family sits down to relax, the little boy gets right down to work building a massive, towering sandcastle. He’s in a hurry because he knows if he builds it just right, a dragon will arrive, suitcase in hand, and want to move in.

Sure enough, just as the boy is putting the finishing touches on the battlements and towers, a humungous, red dragon shows up ready to settle into his new home.

Book pages of When A Dragon Moves In showing a boy building a sandcastle and a dragon.

“He’ll settle in all cozy and peep at you from inside … and you’ll wonder how you ever got so lucky.”

When A Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore and Howard McWilliam

The boy and the mythical beast become fast friends, throwing a beach ball around and blowing bubbles (well, the dragon is blowing smoke rings!).

The dragon helps the boy fly a kite and roast marshmallows, but of course the has to make sure none of the other beachgoers take notice of the new, scaly castle tenant.

Then, the rascally dragon starts causing a little bit of mischief – eating the peanut butter sandwiches meant for lunch, blowing bubbles in the lemonade, and flinging sand at the boy’s sister.

“There’s no such thing as a dragon,” your sister will say. Then the dragon will snicker again, heh, heh, heh…

When A Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore and Howard McWilliam

Of course, the boy’s family doesn’t believe him, but does a dragon really come move into the sandcastle? You’ll have to decide for yourself when you read When A Dragon Moves In! Read on for my book review of When A Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore and David McWilliam.

Book pages of When A Dragon Moves In showing a boy playing with his dragon friend.

Book review: When A Dragon Moves In

Jodi Moore‘s story in When A Dragon Moves In is an endearing tale about friendship, imagination, and the power of play. Every child visiting the beach will be able to relate to building a sandcastle and imagining who could live inside This book takes that idea and runs away with it. The boy and his dragon get up to all kinds of playful antics as they enjoy a day by the seashore, demonstrating the importance of friendship and the joy that can be found in shared experiences.

Howard McWilliam’s illustrations are vibrant and playful and truly bring the characters to life. The dragon, with his fiery, red scales and mischievous grin is both lovable and entertaining. The boy, filled with curiosity and wonder, is equally as adorable as the pair frolic on the beach together. The illustrations will draw you in and are beautifully detailed. From the soft sand to the shimmering waves, McWilliam has an outstanding talent for creating illustrations that are a playground for the imagination.

Overall impressions of When A Dragon Moves In

This delightful picture book is the perfect summer read or for those winter days when you’re dreaming of warmer weather. The endearing tale about friendship, humour, and the power of the imagination will transport you to the sunny, hot seaside, and leave you laughing and delightfully charmed. Join the boy and his rascally dragon as the two friends have a blast together on the beach!

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