Finding a Friend in ‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’

Finding a Friend in ‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’

‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’

Author: Judith L. Roth

Illustrator: Jaclyn Sinquett

Publisher: Starry Forest Books

Themes: mermaids, marine life, coastal, friendship, pets, kittens

Book cover of Cadence and Kittenfish with mermaid in water. Finding a Friend in 'Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale'

Finding A Friend Fit For A Mermaid

After her mermaid sisters swim off for the day, little Cadence spends her time dancing with dolphins, pranking the fishermen, and exercising with the lighthouse keeper. Her life is busy but she feels like something is missing.

One day, she sees a kindle of kittens tumbling around on the shoreline by the lighthouse. They’re playful, rambunctious and, most of all, very cute. She decides a kitten would make the perfect friend.

Cadence swims home and begs her father for a kitten, but instead he suggest she gets a whiskery, old catfish instead. Disappointed, Cadence returns to play with the kittens once more where she accidentally lures one onto a boat.

Look how she leans into my scritches and kisses my nose. Adorable. Now, where can we play together?

Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale by Judith L. Roth and Jaclyn Sinquett

Delighted with her handiwork, she gives the kitten some cuddles then attempts to sort out how she’ll bring her new pet down to her underwater home. A bubble scuba helmet and seaweed flippers? Nothing is working and, of course, cats don’t like the water.

My hopes are dashed. My kitten dreams have crashed. Isn’t there someone out there for me? Someone comical and cute-iful who can swim? Someone not-a-cat?

Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale by Judith L. Roth and Jaclyn Sinquett

If only Cadence could find a pet better suited to her underwater life.

Book pages with lighthouse keeper and kittens. Finding a Friend in 'Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale'

Wanting A Pet Is So Relatable!

So many children can relate to desperately wanting a pet of their own. ‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’ is a great way to talk to your child about finding a companion who will be a good fit for their home. Sure, some pets are irresistibly fluffy and cute, but this picture book will help them understand there are more points to consider when choosing the perfect companion. How will this pet fit into our home? Will the animal be happy in this environment? So many fantastic talking points for parents.

Book pages with mermaid family underwater. Finding a Friend in 'Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale'

Learning To Cope With Disappointment

Author Judith L. Roth worked several little life lessons for children into ‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’.

When Cadence was trying to find ways she could play with her new pet cat, she tried a number of different solutions, demonstrating problem solving and brainstorming to children.

When these solutions failed, young readers will feel Cadence’s disappointment. This lesson demonstrating how they can learn to cope when something doesn’t work out. Of course, there’s a happy ending to this story and another lesson about how something that you’re searching for could have been right in front of you the whole time!

Book pages with kitten wearing seaweed flippers.

Sweet, Playful, Whimsical Illustrations

There’s something sweet, playful and whimsical about the illustrations in this book. The colours on the cover immediately caught my eye. Illustrator Jaclyn Sinquett’s characters are very cute and memorable. I just loved the little gap in Cadence’s teeth and the facial expressions of the kitten, especially when it was soaking wet!

Each page presents a beautiful new scene and the backgrounds, filled with lighthouses, coral reefs, and lush seaweeds, are just as lovely as the foregrounds. The detailing and the textures Sinquett incorporates in her illustrations, like the scales on the mermaids and the fur on the cats, adds depth and interest to her artwork.

Final Thoughts

Mermaid fans will delight in the whimsical, underwater world in ‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’. A sweet story that children everywhere will find relatable, will also offer parents a way to help their child reflect before bringing home a new pet.

‘Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale’ is available for pre-order on ahead of its release on August 30, 2022.

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