‘Meet The Snozzeralls’ an Anatomical Adventure for Kids

‘Meet The Snozzeralls’ an Anatomical Adventure for Kids

‘Meet the Snozzeralls’

Author: Karen Henton
Illustrator: Sarah-Leigh Wills

Book cover for Meet The Snozzeralls. 'Meet The Snozzeralls' an Anatomical Adventure for Kids

A Family of Face-Dwelling Creatures

In ‘Meet the Snozzeralls‘ by author Karen Henton and illustrator Sarah-Leigh Wills, we’re introduced to a family of little green creatures called the Snozzeralls. The family of seven live in the face of a person where they get up to all sorts of adventures.

In this picture book, Great-Great-Grandad McHooter is disturbed by a loud ruckus and sends the Snozzerall children on mission to find the source of the noise.

“Be careful!”, shouted Uncle McHooter Tooter. “Don’t go past the tonsils.” IT’S MUCH TOO DANGEROUS DOWN THERE! And it’s forbidden.

Meet The Snozzeralls by Karen Henton and Sarah-Leigh Wills

The children venture through the ear canal looking for clues before sliding out onto the person’s earring and back into the nose. All the while, young readers are learning about human anatomy and the structures of the face and inner ear.

Book pages with human wearing headphones. 'Meet The Snozzeralls' an Anatomical Adventure for Kids

Exposure to New Vocabulary

‘Meet The Snozzeralls’ is sure to expose children to some new vocabulary that they may not hear in everyday speech, like nostrils, tonsils, or eustachian tubes. Karen Henton’s use of anatomical terms throughout the story will also give children an early understanding of the human body, particularly the structures within the face.

The repetition of the characters declaring everything “much too” really made this story stand out. With every turn of the page, the Snozzeralls say it’s much too wet, too rocky, too treacherous, or too messy. The repetitive technique makes it incredibly engaging for children and a fun story for adults to read aloud.

Illustrating The Connections Between the Mouth, Nose, and Ears

This STEM and biology-based picture book is not only an adventure to read, but will educate children about the structures within the face and the connections between the mouth, nose, and ears. Using a muted colour palette, Sarah-Leigh Wills did a fantastic job at simplifying the illustrations of the human body. Children will be intrigued by seeing the lumpy ear wax and the coiling eustachian tube.

Book pages with Snozzerall children climbing through inner ear. 'Meet The Snozzeralls' an Anatomical Adventure for Kids

Final Thoughts

The Snozzerall characters are super cute, memorable characters children will love to point out and name. Their constant “much too” complaints are not only funny, but they will draw young readers into the story. ‘Meet The Snozzeralls’ is the perfect introduction to human anatomy for children with a very unique, adventurous twist.

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