‘Otto The Otter’ Delivers A Sweet Surprise

‘Otto The Otter’ Delivers A Sweet Surprise

Otto The Otter: A Big Surprise

Author & Illustrator: Linda Hansen

Themes: river otters, animal life cycles, nature, animal habitats

Book cover with otter face. 'Otto The Otter' Delivers A Sweet Surprise

Meet ‘Otto’ the North American River Otter

‘Otto the Otter: A Big Surprise’ written and illustrated by Linda Hansen tells the story of a special otter. The family watched with delight as the river otter swam in a pond by their home. Eventually, they decided to name the little visitor, ‘Otto’.

Otto doesn’t come every day – but he does come often, to swim, play and eat.

Otto the Otter: A Big Surprise by Linda Hansen

Otto could be seen frolicking in the pond, eating and enjoying his life until one day things changed. The little river otter delivered something that really surprised the family in the grey house.

Book pages with otter looking across pond. 'Otto The Otter' Delivers A Sweet Surprise

Educational for Young Readers

Based on a true story, children will learn many interesting facts about North American river otters including how fast they can swim and how long they can hold their breath.

Sometimes the otters disappear under the water, but the people can tell where they are by the bubbles that rise to the surface.

Otto the Otter: A Big Surprise by Linda Hansen

Hansen uses clear, simple language, geared towards children ages 4 to 8, to explain the life cycles and natural habitats of river otters. Children will gain a better understanding of these adorable creatures, while delighting in the eye-catching illustrations featured on each page of this picture book.

Book page with otter swimming in pond water. 'Otto The Otter' Delivers A Sweet Surprise

Vivid Illustrations

‘Otto the Otter: A Big Surprise’ stands out because of the vivid, clean, watercolour illustrations. Rather than brown tones, Hansen uses purples and oranges to capture the otter’s sleek fur coat, and the effect is beautiful. The vibrant hues, combined with the subtle gradient washes across the background, makes the otter the focal point on each page.

My favourite illustration depicts the otter swimming in the pond with just its head showing above the water. The deep greens and black come together to create the dark, swirling pond waters, bringing the image to life with movement as the otter paddles through.

Book page with otter on the grass. 'Otto The Otter' Delivers A Sweet Surprise

Final Thoughts

This is a story jam-packed with otter facts that will delight young readers. Hansen delivers an adorable story that’s both educational and filled with very pretty illustrations. You can pick up a copy of ‘Otto the Otter: A Big Surprise’ over at Amazon.

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